We don’t cut corners at Broad Branch. Our spirits contain only the best ingredients, sourced from a small group of carefully selected farmers and growers who share our focus on high-quality, responsibly grown goods. We mash and ferment our grains and sugar in-house to ensure authentic spirits that reflect our Blue Ridge Mountain heritage. Each batch is tempered and aged onsite to preserve and enhance the delicate, definining armoas and flavors. Our focus is on quality above all else. If we don’t enjoy something neat, we don’t put it in a bottle.


Rye Fidelity

750 MLS | NC-66-550

North Carolina’s only 6yr+ five barrel 100% straight Rye Whiskey. This complex, flavorful spirit features notes of toffee, chocolate, coffee, green apples and dark berries. While best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, it works exceptionally well with classic Rye Whiskey cocktails in skilled hands.

Big Winston

750 MLS | NC-66-212

Winston-Salem’s first legally distilled bourbon since prohibition. Our 6yr single-barrel straight bourbon is distilled from a signature low rye mash to deliver the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. With notes of vanilla, tart cherry, baking spices, pistachio and pekoe tea, Big Winston is immensely satisfying whether poured neat or in a cocktail.



750 MLS | NC-66-202

The pristine expression of an iconic, 100-yr-old western North Carolina recipe. Our mash of grain, sugar cane and hops offers a unique experience reminiscent of agave based spirits. Try subbing it for tequila in cocktails such as margaritas and palomas.

Frank’s Reserve

750 MLS | NC-66-207

Sophisticated yet accessible, this traditional nc spirit is excellent neat and outstanding in cocktails. Crafted from a 3 barrel blend of european chardonnay and new american oak, each aged for 3 yrs, frank’s reserve presents as a ‘low rye’ bourbon with pronounced notes of cherry, caramel and spice. Just right for rethinking any classic bourbon cocktail.

Smashing Violet

750 MLS | NC-66-205

This is not your typical flavored whiskey. Each batch contains nothing but our new make bourbon and 1200 pounds of eastern north carolina blueberries. That’s it. No added colors, flavors, sweeteners or concentrates. Try it in a seelbach or old fashioned riff. Keep it simple and mix with lemonade, tonic or ginger ale. You can even use this in the kitchen for entrees and desserts.


750 MLS | NC-66-210

Our triple distilled, 100% caribbean molasses rum rests in heaven hill bourbon barrels for 3 months before touching glass. The result is exceptional butterscotch richness and a lovely, golden hue. Sungrazer works great in everything from daiquiris to mojitos. Do you really need a gold, silver and white rum in your bar? This one could replace them all.

Sungrazer Chai

750 MLS | NC-66-542

This special collaboration features our signature, pot-stilled Sungrazer rum infused with a custom chai spice blend courtesy of our neighbor Chad’s Chai & Tea Company. Here aromatic notes and flavors of sweet chai spice and soft tropical fruit combine for a creamy mouth feel and an elegant, satisfying finish. This is a spiced rum for those who would never buy a spiced rum.


Blue Label

Some barrels are too special or unique for a standard bottling, and that is where our Blue Label line comes in. Blue Label releases run the gamut in proof, age, mash bill, and barrel style. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind experimental spirit or just a truly exceptional barrel, our Blue Label designations allow you to experience the very best, most significant spirits we make.


  • Big Winston Bourbon Cask Strength – Barrel 08 / 120 proof / 4 yr / Single Barrel (April 2021)
  • Rye Fidelity Anniversary Edition – Barrel 32 / 107 proof / 7 yr / Single Barrel (October 2021)
  • Big Winston Anniversary Edition – Barrel 112 / 107 proof / 4 yr, 10 month / Single Barrel (December 2021)


  • Big Winston Bourbon – Barrel 107 / 100 proof / 5 yr / Single Barrel (January 2022)
  • Big Winston Bourbon Barrel Finished – Barrel 109 / 100 proof / 5 yr / Single Barrel / Cognac Finished (June 2022)
  • Rye Fidelity Anniversary Edition – Barrel 39 / 105 proof / 8 yr, 6 month / Single Barrel (October 2022)
  • Rye Fidelity Wood Exploration Series Smoked Stout – Barrel 21 / 110 proof / 8 yr / Single Barrel (November 2022)
  • Apple Supercollider – Barrel 17 / 110 proof / 9 yr / Single Barrel (December 2022)


  • Rye Fidelity Cask-Strength (October 2023)
  • Rye Fidelity Wood Exploration Series Smoked Stout (December 2023)
  • Rye Fidelity Anniversary Edition (December 2023)
  • Big Winston Bourbon RayLen Ruby Port Finished (December 2023)
  • Big Winston Bourbon Botanist & Barrel Cider Finished (December 2023)

Blue Label releases sell out quickly. We encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to receive advance notice and purchase information for future releases.